Sunday, September 19, 2010


After getting stood up by my parents (through text messaging, nonetheless--an event I'd rather not revisit since it consistently pisses me off), I decided to go to an annual Fall Party hosted by long-since estranged friends. It was very strange, not simply seeing those I haven't seen in years, but going to a place I haven't visited in five. And, of course, with the same people. Probably I am attaching too much significance to the whole wannabe deja-vu element here. But, as with so many other things I've experienced already in the semester, things double-back, turn up again--eerily, if not nearly exactly.

I'm probably not making any sense.

But what's important to remember from this day is that M. Night Shyamalan's 'Devil' is terrifying. And I say that with the conviction of someone who watches scary movies for the sole intent of comedic relief. I watched it in Nashville with Kindall and her roommate, Kristen. In truth, the only horror movies which tend to scare me are those pertaining to exorcisms or the devil.

And so, 'Devil' did its job.

Though I can't help but feel a little guilty since Kindall hardly ever goes to the movie theater and, as Kristen pointed out, she may never go again.

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